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Whether you are an individual investor seeking financial guidance or an institutional investor looking for a specific investment strategy, Mastrapasqua Asset Management has an investment strategy to meet your financial objectives. Furthermore, our firm is approved on multiple brokerage firm and third-party platforms, so if you are a financial advisor seeking to participate in our managed account program, a Mastrapasqua Asset Management portfolio strategy is generally accessible.

We recognize the investment needs of an individual investor can be significantly different from those of institutional investors. Risk, time horizon, and tax considerations are defined differently. Individuals are typically free to invest as they see fit using their own capital. Institutional investors, on the other hand, are governed by strict policies defining return parameters and acceptable risk levels. Institutions usually operate on an infinite time horizon, while individual investors have limited time horizons. Unlike individuals, many organizations operate as a tax-exempt entity therefore security selection and portfolio management are impacted by tax consequences.

Services For Individuals: Investing for Generations

We have successfully established long-term relationships with individuals, because our clients share the beliefs and values we have held from the outset. Independent spirit, pride in accomplishment, importance of family, and desire for community enrichment are all characteristics that define us and help set us apart from others. We believe these values have made it possible for us to maintain excellent relationships with our clients and with subsequent generations.

We nurture these relationships through well-tended asset management. We begin by gaining an understanding of your long-term investment objectives, and then construct an individual tax-efficient portfolio to balance the potential for capital appreciation with acceptable levels of risk. Through this disciplined approach to investing, we seek to achieve above-average performance over complete market cycles while attending to your specific and constantly changing needs.

Careful, deliberate stewardship of single-relationship portfolios, many of which were initiated decades ago, has in turn enabled the establishment of trusts for the benefit and education of children and grandchildren. In addition, it has led to the creation of charitable endowments benefiting local and national causes.

The trust and confidence individuals place in Mastrapasqua Asset Management come from the assurance they take in knowing that we are in step with their investment goals. Through both face-to-face meetings and written communication, clients are kept apprised of portfolio changes and performance. At the same time, changes in client objectives and situations are incorporated into the investment strategy, allowing the portfolio to reflect the client’s personal and specific needs.



Services For Institutions: Growing Institutional Capital

Mastrapasqua Asset Management has managed money for a wide variety of institutions throughout the firm’s history, including endowments, foundations, hospitals and religions organizations, as well as corporate, union and pension plans.  On several occasions have we had the opportunity to sub-advise mutual funds.  Moreover, the firm also has long-term relationships with the institutional consultant community, whose databases are updated on a quarterly basis with relevant product data.
Our institutional clients consist of tax-exempt organizations such as endowments, foundations, hospitals and religious organizations, as well as.

In contrast to the individual investor, institutional clients typically have formal investment policies, and it is our job to shape portfolios that meet all their criteria and objectives while staying within their guidelines. The expertise our staff has developed in institutional investment management gives our clients confidence in our decisions, resulting in a carefully maintained environment for an organization’s funds to thrive.  We have been privileged to work with many financial directors and boards of trustees on a long-term basis, furthering the opportunities for developing well-positioned portfolios.

In addition to meeting your investment needs, we are committed to providing superior customer service by maintaining regular communication through both quarterly statements and face-to-face meetings. 

A dedicated account team, led by a senior executive, offers guidance, advice, and portfolio performance information in a timely manner. 



Managed Account Programs

If you are a financial advisor and wish to participate in one of our managed account programs, please call us at 800-466-9055 to see if we are available on your firm’s platform or a third-party platform that your firm may be able to access.



Getting Started

Opening an individually managed account with Mastrapasqua Asset Management is easy.  With accessible minimums and multiple investment strategies, please come in for a consultation and a complimentary portfolio evaluation.  Our client services representative will work with you to determine if a customized portfolio solution if right for you. 

For a personal consultation or to begin investing with Mastrapasqua Asset Management, please call 1-800-466-9055 or email info@


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