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About Mastrapasqua

The firm offers an array of distinct products to meet the needs of individual and institutional investors. Mastrapasqua’s exclusive portfolios are derived from independent, in-house research with two goals in mind – Building Relationships & Building Wealth.

Our clients have grown in number and today, we continue to work with some of their children and families, as well as with endowments, foundations and public funds. We believe this speaks clearly to the caliber of our work and to the reputation of our firm.

At Mastrapasqua, we are dedicated to helping you build a bright financial future — for your family, your community, or your organization. Come in and talk to us about the benefits of a result-oriented investment strategy, and see for yourself how we deliver personalized service. We are here for you, watching over every aspect of your portfolio, and ensuring that your goals are continually in mind.

Being responsive to your needs, accessible to answer your questions, and committed to your financial goals remain our top priorities. Our seasoned management team understands the value of relationships and the importance of providing exemplary customer service.

 Our style is defined – sector focused, equity and fixed income manager. Our philosophy is sound – building the wealth of our clients through solid long-term strategies. Our Approach is distinguishable – a proprietary valuation model utilized by an independent research team and an experienced portfolio management team.

At a glance:

  • Founded in 1993 by Frank Mastrapasqua, Ph.D.
  • Advisor to individuals, foundations, endowments, and retirement plans
  • Able to serve clients in all 50 states and internationally
  • Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Offices in Tullahoma TN and San Antonio TX

Why Mastrapasqua:

  • Independently owned
  • Seasoned portfolio management team
  • Long-term investment time horizon
  • Focus on companies', competitive advantage, financial strength and management quality
  • Relatively low portfolio turnover
  • Defined and developed sell discipline
  • Commitment to personalized service



Frank Mastrapasqua, Ph.D. began his career in the early 1970s in academia as Chair and Professor of Finance for the University of Houston and as Adjunct Professor for New York University’s Graduate School of Business.  He moved to Wall Street as the Chief Economist and Portfolio Investment Strategist for leading New York firms including L.F. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin and Smith Barney, Harris, Upham.  As a trained economist, Frank has a profound understanding of capital markets in relation to the U.S. and world economy.  In 1986, Frank was recruited by Nashville-based J.C. Bradford & Co. as Partner, Director of Research & Chief Investment Strategist.

In 1993, Frank founded Mastrapasqua Asset Management to serve clients using growth and core equity strategies he developed and enhanced through the years via a time-tested proprietary valuation model.  Mastrapasqua Asset Management (MAM), a Nashville, TN based firm, is an investment adviser to individuals, foundations, endowments, and retirement plans serving clients in all 50 states and internationally.  The firm provides separately managed accounts and is also on many nationwide WRAP program platforms.

In 2010, Mastrapasqua Asset Management acquired Austin, Calvert & Flavin, an investment adviser founded in 1981 in San Antonio, Texas  When Mastrapasqua Asset Management (MAM) acquired Austin Calvert & Flavin, MAM had been serving as Austin Calvert & Flavin’s sub-adviser, and as a result, many clients knew MAM’s founder and Chairman, Frank Mastrapasqua, Ph.D. MAM’s investment philosophy of managing only high quality equity and fixed income assets proved an excellent match for Austin Calvert & Flavin’s clients long accustomed to such a management strategy.



Mission Statement

Our Mission:
Building Relationships and Building Wealth
through Customized Portfolio Management

We are defined by the long-term relationships we have with our clients. We listen well and understand our clients’ unique goals, taking into account issues such as income needs, earnings potential and risk tolerance. We develop individual, tax-efficient portfolios within acceptable levels of risk, with the goal of achieving above-average performance while being attentive to each client’s parameters.

The trust and confidence our clients place in us derives from the comfort they take in knowing that we fully understand their goals. We strive to anticipate the inevitable changes in their situations by ensuring each portfolio continues to reflect each client’s personal and specific objectives. Through face-to-face meetings and written communication, we keep our clients apprised of portfolio changes and performance.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, and hope that you will come to share the level of comfort and trust that our long-time clients have experienced.


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